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Security Solutions International LLC.

Security Solutions International LLC is a licensed and insured security business in the State of Virginia. We believe that in order to protect our assets as well as yours, we must maintain full compliance that exceeds industry standards.


Security Solutions International LLC. is a security company offering an extensive line of security services.  The firm’s team of front line officers have an average industry experience of over 15 years. The company was formed to fill needs and peace of mind related to local security and protection to companies, small businesses, governments and individuals. Our credo of  professionalism, quality, peace of mind and understanding our customers has provided our clients the worry free ability to peruse excellence in business environments. We also understand both the temporary and ongoing needs of personal security services and we strive to bring the same excellence to individuals.


Our mission is to deliver our flexible infrastructure, products and services to our clients in a way that is seamless to client needs.  Our services are uniquely designed to protect our clients in the same manner as they would themselves if they had same the infrastructure, core capabilities  and expertise that we proudly provide.




For a free consultation

contact us today at: 540-424-6180

We accomplish our mission by:

Recruiting and retainretaining the most qualified front line officers in the industry. Continuous improvement and development our frontline officers and staff so they understand the appropriate application of the latest technologies and protection techniques available.

Timely, high quality, relevant  communication and written reporting to our clients continuously monitor the national and international socio-political environment to develop our services in an efficient manner.